The factory initially operated under the “Vagonu remontu DEPO” established in 1874 and eventually evolved into the Agricultural Machinery Building Plant. Since then, production is being carried out there. Cast iron foundry was built in 1956. In 2004, the company "HIDROLATS CL" In 2015 the company was completely technical and technological modernized. New founding technologies were fully updated. Fully changed the process of preparing for a casting. Product capacity is growing up with every year and at this moment produce 1500tons of castings.

On the technical and technological state of the enterprise and its capabilities. We managed to provide 100% quality in the chemical composition of the alloyed alloys, such as: gray and high-strength cast irons (mainly EN-GJS-500-7 and EN-GJS-800-2), heat-resistant alloyed cast irons (SiMo, chromium, chromium-nickel), carbon steels, We are working on the development of high-alloy steel production. It was possible to introduce the technology of smelting pure synthetic cast iron on local steel scrap and to ensure stable strength indicators of EN 1563. A heat treatment section is in operation.

There is a pattern area equipped with CNC machines, the material of the models is plywood, plastic, aluminum. vhe melting site is equipped with the Inductotherm smelting complex with two melting units with a capacity of 1.5 tons each with a melting-holding function, this enables the manufacture of castings with a maximum casting weight of up to 3 tons.For express analysis, a Solaris optical emission spectrometer
and an NSC carbon analyzer are used. Have opportunity of microstructure analysis of alloys. Molding equipment and regeneration are represented by the complete complex of Omega: Spartan 310 and Spartan 205 mixers, GammaVator 9 regeneration. The alpha set process is well mastered and this allows to ensure the required quality of the mold.

The company is certified for compliance with the requirements of the quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. Monthly output averages 120 tons, the task is to increase the volume to 200 tons / month. The available personnel of workers, engineers and technical capabilities allow us to gradually increase the production of high-quality products.

Metalurgist –experience of working in leading Ukranian and Kazahstan founries
Technologist – High quality engineer with more than 30 years experience in metalurgy
Quality control inspector – working according ISO 9001:2015
Laboratory – fully equipped with modern machines
Furnace men – working on Inductotherm furnaces 1,5 tons each
Molding men – fully equipped with Omega line equipment
Finishing and machining workshop – CNC, lathes and milling machines

We are a progressive organization that believes in the mass-production approach for intermediate volume products. Our financial strength has allowed us to continually invest in plant and equipment. The result is an efficient, effective, state-of-the-art organization capable of meeting the needs of customers now and in the foreseeable future. And what’s more… our technical, long-term staff and growth-oriented mindset continue to give you the long term comfort level you’re looking for in a casting supplier. Our expertise begins with the design of your product, offering an array of design support services to provide a more robust casting design. Your new “foundry friendly” design – combined with our stout processes – can provide you with the quality and consistency that you should expect from your vendors.


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