Production facilities of “HidrolatsČL” consist of:

  • Manual founding sector
  • Sector of mechanical treatment of foundry products
  • Preproduction sector
  • Central plant laboratory

Gray cast iron high-precision cast iron and cast iron alloys with high percentage of chromium are manufactured in the foundry. Maximal weight of products 3000kg. 

Iron is smelted in modern induction furnaces “INDUCTOTHERM” 1,5 tons each. Pre-production sector is responsible for design and manufacture of the foundry rigging. Forming machines “SPARTAN II” and “SPARTAN III” are making high quality patterns for cast iron production.

Chemical composition control of the alloys is conducted in the form of spectrometry express analysis METALSCAN2500.

If necessary we can make heat treatment for our products. Also pressure test process can be made if required.

Manufacturing of products performed using our die cast models and models of customer.


Gray cast iron:

Manufacturing of all gray cast iron grades of any complexity.

Manufacturing of high-precision cast iron products with spheroid graphite for heavy industry machine building ship building.

Cast iron alloys with high containing oh Chromium

Manufacturing of hardwearing cast iron for mining industry and industrial wood pellet boilers.

Our professional team is ready to solve any tasks in shortest time and in high quality.


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